Free Sim Cards Information

As well as telling you where to find free sim cards, it’s important to give you as much information as possible about how you can get the most out of the promotions from the mobile networks.

Getting The Best Mobile Deal

What’s more, it may be that you can get a better deal by looking at sim only plans or even subscribing to a contract. Free sim cards are primarily aimed at customers that do not use their phones a lot every month.

If you regularly spend over £20 a month topping up a pay as you go phone, you are highly likely to be better off switching to sim only, or a contract if you need a new phone.

Contracts Aren’t A Bad Option For Everyone

A lot of people shy away from the contract mobiles because they do not like the thought of having to pay a set amount every month, but if you’re topping up at least twenty quid a month, what’s the difference?

Sim only is similar to a contract but you don’t get a new phone, meaning you can get the same number of minutes and texts as a contract would provide for less each month. Of course, contracts aren’t the only way to get your hands on a new phone, we’ve put together a few others here.

Finding Out Everything You Need To Know

You can find more information about contract and sim only plans on the site in this information section, as well as learning all about the features of pay as you go free sim cards.

Linking The Theory To Reality

Where possible, we’ve also linked through to the information about specific tariffs, so for example if you are reading about free texts, you’ll find links to the detail on the plans which include free texts and what you need to do to claim them.

Learning about the options available will help you to get the best deal for your needs, and avoid taking a cheap tariff only to find you’re paying extra for features that aren’t included in your free sim card’s plan.