Do You Get Enough Free Texts?

If you were an early adopter of mobile phones, you would have had no clue what someone talking about free texts was on about. Not only was using your mobile phone far from free, but there was no SMS text messaging service available for years after the first handsets (or more accurately described – bricks) hit the market.

The Popularity Of Text Messaging

Twenty years on and far more texts are sent than calls made, and the humble text is still the communication mechanism of choice for many people. It has the same appeal as Twitter in many ways, quick and to the point messages fired backwards and forwards between friends and colleagues to keep each other updated.

Inclusive Texts In Mobile Plans

Free text messaging allowances are a staple part of phone contracts, sim only plans and free sim card deals. In fact, you’ll struggle to find any deal that doesn’t either include a bundle of text messages as standard or have a pile of messages thrown in as an incentive to top up or use another feature.

Mobile networks know that inclusive texts are a very tempting part of any mobile phone user’s plan, so in recent years unlimited options have been introduced in order to tempt more new mobile phone users into joining the networks.

Comparing Your Options

You can see the full rundown of the text bundles available through our comparison charts at the top of the page. Just click the network provider you are interested in to see what they have to offer, or use the overview comparison charts to see all plans at a glance.

Popular choices for textaholics include Three and o2, with Vodafone and Orange also offering some attractive bundles. Generally speaking, if you can get a strong signal, Three’s deals tend to be more generous, but that’s no good if you live out in the sticks and have no reception!

Know How Many Free Texts You Need

When making your choice about which plan you want and how many free texts you need, be sure to have copies of your recent bills where possible. Ideally look through the last six months to a year, and add up how many texts you send. You want to be sure that you won’t exhaust any supply of free text messages that come bundled in your tariff too early in the month, as they tend to add up quickly once they become chargeable.