Spend Less With International Sim Cards

If you have family and friends abroad, calling them regularly can get very expensive. Trying to work out the cheapest way to call them can be a minefield, as every country seems to have a different rate attached, and peak or off peak times can confuse things further.

What Are International Sim Cards?

One of the best kept secrets in the telecoms world is the international sim card. This is (strictly speaking) actually a tariff rather than a sim card, and is designed specifically to offer a more attractive tariff to people who regularly call overseas.

In some cases, depending on where you are calling, using your mobile phone with an international sim card can actually be cheaper than using a landline, so doing some research can pay off with a considerably lower phone bill.

International Pay As You Go (PAYG)

Commonly, international sim cards tend to work on a pay as you go basis, which means you don’t need to take out a contract. This also offers a huge benefit to visitors to the UK who will not be in the country for a year, or would find it difficult to pass a credit check, required for many contract phones.

Two Sim Cards, Two Handsets

As the tariff doesn’t need a contract, you might find that having a second number for your international calls makes sense. This way you can get the best rates with a standard contract, sim only or pay as you go deal and have a second sim card for your international calls.

You can either use an old handset for the second line, or switch the sims over as needed. Of course, with the second option, it may be difficult for people to get hold of you if the wrong sim is in the phone for the number they are calling! If you need a second handset, there’s some ideas here.

Saving Money On Your International Calls

An international sim card provides great value for money for people who regularly call abroad. To find out more, check out our comparison tables to work out the best rate for you.