Sim Only Plans Can Save You A Fortune

Sim only is the name given to mobile phone contracts that do not come with a handset. This allows a much lower monthly fee without losing the benefits associated with traditional contracts, namely a large number of bundled minutes and free texts.

Great For Forgotten Mobiles

Of course, sim only is only a good option if you have a working handset already, if you’re looking for a new phone deal because your current phone has broken then it is unlikely to be a good choice (but here are some ideas on how to get a new phone without spending a fortune).

Fortunately, most of us have several old phones gathering dust, usually stored in the special kitchen drawer reserved for things we ‘might need one day’ although rarely do.

Sim Only Is Cheap

Why not make an exception and dig them out? You can find a huge range of sim only deals on the market, which offer great value, even if you usually spend just a tenner a month.

Short Term Contracts

Normally you can choose how long a sim only contract lasts for too, popular options include 30 days, 90 days and 12 months. That means that in theory you can change your deal every month, and simply pay for a month’s use – much like topping up a pay as you go phone, but you get a decent monthly bundle of calls and texts (and maybe even mobile Internet!) included.

Commit For Only A Month

A¬†point to remember is that usually you give notice on this type of contract in the same way as a traditional contract, and that usually means 30 days notice. So if you actually did want to keep it just for a month, you’ll need to phone up to cancel immediately after activating the sim. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, you just need to be aware.

Research The Best Sim Only Deals

Finally, be sure to have a good look around. Our sim only deals comparison tables can help you to work out the best deal for you, so why not have a look to see if you can reduce your monthly phone bill today?