Cookie Policy

In order to comply with EU directives, we would like to bring your attention to the fact that this website uses cookies, which are small text files placed on your computer.


We use them to understand how people use our website, via software called Analytics. We use this as aggregated data, which means we are analysing trends, not for individual users. It is important to understand that the EU directive does not deem Analytics as strictly necessary for the functioning of any website, which is the reason we need to bring this to your attention.

The software we use for analysing site usage data is Google Analytics, and if you would like to understand more about how Google use this data, you can read their privacy policy here.

We believe that for the ongoing development of our website and business, it is essential to have access to information on what our users find useful, but we also understand that you might not wish to be tracked for any purpose, no matter what the purpose is. If you do not wish to be tracked further, please leave our website now, and clear your cookies. For instructions for your browser, please see this article on Wikihow. Please note, this website is not connected to ours, and may also use cookies.


In order to earn money through websites, we use advertising partners, and occasionally sell advertising space directly. Under most circumstances, we do not allow intrusive advertising on our website, like pop up windows. Instead, we choose to slot ads carefully into our site so that you can see them but they do not interfere with your ability to see our content.

Some (but not all) partners will drop cookies onto your computer in order to track clicks on those advertisements, in order to be able to work out what works for them in terms of generating leads and sales for advertisers, and to make sure we get paid for the business we generate on their behalf.


We provide tools in order for you to share our pages with your friends through services such as Addthis. For these buttons to work correctly (like tweet, add to facebook, +1 etc), the services use cookies to keep track of what you click, and which accounts are yours. As this is an external service, it is best to consult with their privacy and cookie policies for more information. Although the cookies are non personally identifiable, AddThis still offer an opt out facility here.

Again, we understand some people would prefer not to be tracked, even though without advertising many useful sites would cease to exist. If you do not wish to carry advertising cookies from our website, please leave now, and clear your cookies. Please see this article on Wikihow if you need assistance. This is an external website and may make use of cookies.