Go Sim

Go Sim provide sim cards to people making international calls allowing them to make cheaper calls. It works on a call back system, which means that almost anywhere you are in the world you can call an international number at a great rate.

Utilising Global Connections

Go Sim have agreements to use over three hundred mobile networks around the globe, and by using a slightly different process to connect a call, can offer cheaper rates than users of standard sim cards from the main mobile networks.

The way the calls actually work is that you make a call by dialling an international number. Your phone then communicates that number to the Go Sim network, which then calls you back (i.e. your phone will ring).

When you answer the call, Go Sim will then call the number you dialled and connect the two together. Effectively this creates two local calls connected together by the Go Sim network, which allows a much cheaper rate per minute than most international call rates.

Get A UK and US Local Number For Your Phone

You can get a UK number with your Go Sim card which means people in the UK think they are dialling a UK phone, useful because people can get paranoid about excessive charges with telephone dialling codes that they do not recognise.

You can also attach a USA mobile number to your phone if you wish, great for people that frequently visit America. This is an automatic process as the Go Sim network will detect your arrival in the United States and automatically assign your number, sending you a text to tell you what it is.

Receive International Calls Cheaper Too

Receiving calls in the UK is free, so long as the caller uses your UK number (i.e. not the American one you are assigned). International rates do vary by the country you are in and the destination you are calling.

For example, calling from the UK to the USA will cost you 38p per minute on Go Sim, whereas calling from the USA to the UK is 29p per minute. For this reason it may be a good idea for you to get a Go Sim for people you regularly call internationally, as you can then arrange for the person benefiting from the cheaper rate to make the call.

You can save a fortune by using international sim cards like the Go Sim service instead of the sim card you get on contract with your mobile phone. For more details and to order, you can visit the Go Sim website, or find out more in our international sim card section.