Accessing Your o2 Voicemail

At one point or another in life we all seem to look blankly at our mobile phones and the simple task of calling Voicemail suddenly appears to have been completely forgotten.

Fear not, here’s the guide to using your o2 voicemail! Whether your using a free o2 sim, a sim only plan or contract phone, this should work for you!

Calling Voicemail Manually

While most handsets these days have a hot key for calling voicemail, perhaps holding down the 1 key, or tapping the voicemail icon on a smart phone, did you know that all you’re really doing is calling a number? The only difference is that the phone number is stored in the handset, much like when you save someone’s number to your phone so you can see them as ‘Dave’ or ‘Alison’ instead of a hard to remember number.

In o2’s case, the number is 901, which is a short code. You can’t dial it from your home phone, opr a phone on another network, it has to be your o2 handset. Also, because you’re connected to o2, they know who is calling, so there’s no need to identify yourself to make sure you get your own voicemail and not someone else’s!

If You Need To Access Your Voicemail From Another Phone

This is a really useful piece of information, particularly if you know you’ve got voicemail but are out of credit and can’t pick it up from your o2 mobile. The process is far simpler to remember that you might imagine, and actually worryingly simple if you think about it and aren’t aware it can be done!

Just dial your own mobile number from another phone. It’s a good idea to turn off your mobile first so that you don’t have to listen to it ringing before it diverts to voicemail too. Once you hear the o2 voicemail greeting begin (or your own one if you’ve recorded one), press * and then dial your voicemail security PIN. If you haven’t set up a code, you’ll probably find that you can use 8705 as that’s the default with new accounts.

This is the scary part and explains how easy it was for the journalists who ‘hacked’ into people’s messages as part of the phone hacking scandal. Be warned, if you haven’t done so already, change your voicemail code, as anyone who knows your mobile number can access your voicemail with this information until you change it!

So, you’re now into your voicemail from either your own handset or from another phone – check your voicemails!