Changing Your o2 Voicemail PIN

As we highlighted in the article about accessing the o2 voicemail service, the fact that you can access it from another phone creates a problem in that your service initially has the same PIN code as everyone else.

Why Change Your o2 Voicemail PIN Code?

As many celebrities (and others) found out, journalists used the facility to access people’s voicemail remotely to listen to their messages. There’s a simple way to protect yourself from people listening to your messages without your permission, and that’s to change your PIN.

How To Change The Code

By default, o2 PIN codes are set to 8705, but you can change them to any 4 digit code you like, just like a bank card. To do this, just call voicemail in the normal way from your mobile (or dial 901) and when it connects, press the star key.

Take option 4 from the menu and you’ll be guided through the process of changing your PIN code. If you want to check it has worked correctly, follow the steps in our o2 voicemail information to check it from a phone that’s not your o2 pay as you go or sim only mobile.